Bamboo Sling bowl


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Elegant anti-glutton bowl for dogs that finish their meal in the blink of an eye. The hollows and shapes of this bowl encourage your dog to eat more slowly, which is good for his intestinal health!

Elegant anti-glutton bowl for dogs
Your dog has already finished his meal before you have even turned around? And then he chokes or barks and looks like he hasn’t eaten anything? When a dog eats too quickly, he swallows air with the food, which can lead to pain and discomfort, and possibly other side effects. The BAMBOO Slow Feeder, elegant and practical, offers your dog a solution to eat more slowly.

Mastering Fast Feeding with a Slow Feeder
With the help of the recesses inside the bowl, your dog has to make more effort to reach his food. By slowing down the ingestion, your dog will swallow less and feel full faster, which will contribute to better digestion. The Slow Feeder has a non-slip silicone bottom that keeps the bowl in place when the dog eats. The elegant anti-glutton bowl is made of bamboo and offers an environmentally friendly bowl for your dear four-legged friend.


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